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Gale’s Welding (GWI) is a growing and versatile business nestled in the cornfields of Waco in York County, Nebraska. Since 1979, the business has been gaining substantial work experience and roots in the area of farm equipment repair. Owner Gale Naber comes from a farming background that serves him well in working with today’s farmers.

Gale and his employees serve our customers by welding, fabricating and repairing agricultural equipment. In 2000, GWI expanded into the miscellaneous and specialized structural steel and fabrication line of work. With this new line of fabrication came requests to install the miscellaneous metal components we fabricate at our shop. Not only do we have desired products, but the work ethic of our Midwest  crews is a great asset. Our company has traveled to 21 of the lower 48 states. We are known as “Hillbilly Welding” in the big cities, but they know when we show up the end result is good work done right!

As our business and our customer base continues to grow, we enjoy the satisfaction of being able to serve the steel, fabrication and supply needs of farmers, warehouses, food processing plants, and the general public across the country. A recent expansion enables us to do everything more efficiently due to extra space and the addition of computerized equipment. We welcome anyone traveling near Waco, down Highway 34 (stretches east and west across Nebraska) to stop in. We’re here to serve your needs!