Stick Welding

GWI typically does most of our Stick Welding outside of the shop where we have the most difficulty controlling the environment, or when it is impossible to get the base metal clean enough to use a different welding process. The majority of our employees have structural certification in this welding process, and we do have one employee who is certified in pipe welding with this process.

MIG Welding

The Mig Welding (also known as Wire Feed Welding) process is the method we use the most in our fabrication shop, due to the speed and efficiency of the process. We are capable of welding many different materials with the Mig process including Steel (Solid, Metal Core, Dual Shield, & Self Shield Wires), Aluminum (Solid Wire), Stainless (Solid wire) and Hard Surface (Metal Core Wire). Our employees are structurally certified in solid and dual shield on steel, and we can do “On-Site” welding with this process.

TIG Welding

Tig Welding is typically used in fabricating Stainless projects and Aluminum irrigation pipe fabrication in our shop. It gives us a very clean weld on both materials, and makes it possible to see imperfections in the weld zone immediately.


Our new welding rig is a (pictured above), 4 x 4, DOD surplus service truck, and we affectionately call the “Portable Duck Blind”. It gives us great flexibility, as it has a full extension work table with a vise mounted on it. The “Duck Blind” has the capability of 10000 watts of 220v single phase power & 40 amps of 240v 3 phase power. On board we have electric air compressor, full size oxy-fuel torch set and a full compliment of hand and air tools. Our services on site for you will include Stick, Tig & Mig welding on a variety of metals, as well as Plasma Cutting. Most of the hoses, cables & cords are on reels so we can be quick and efficient, getting to work on your emergency, on-site repair job.


misc metals bell towerWe have done many different types of ornamental iron work in the last 30+ years.
We make the smaller items, candle holders, shelf brackets and afghan racks to large stairs and balcony rails. The designs and possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the customer. We have a multitude of brass, steel & aluminum castings available to use along with stamped sheet metal parts. We can get cast iron light poles, mail box stands, chairs and tables. Our equipment enables us to make scrolls of many sizes.
We bend pipe, angle iron, round and square tube. We also have a machine for twisting hot rolled square for railing pickets, and is capable of bending up to 1/2″ material.top


*LIFTS 4000# Stand up Fork Lift, 2-5000# Warehouse Forklift, 8000# Telehandler

*WELDERS 3-300 amp Multi Process 2-300 amp 1-250 amp Mig 1-300 amp Stick/Tig
1-300 amp Pulse Tig/Stick


PLASMA 150 amp CNC 6′ x 12′ Cutting table

*PLASMA 150 amp CNC 6′ x 12′ Cutting table

*4-MANUAL PLASMA Cutting Machines up to 100amp

*PLASMA PIPE CUTTING MACHINE Capable of Cutting and Coping Pipe from 2″ -12″




SHEAR 1/4″ x 8′ Capacity

*SHEAR 1/4″ x 8′ Capacity







CNC Amada 6′ 50 ton
Cincinnati 12′-175 ton
We have a multitude of segmented tooling for the AMADA break, and can form most anything you need.





110 ton Capacity Shear 1″ x 14″, 6″ x 6″ x 1/2″
Angle Punch up to a 4″ hole through 1/4″ material






18″ x 24″ capacity computer angle control up to 60 degrees

*OVER HEAD HOISTS 3 – 2 ton capacity, 1 – 5 ton Capacity (To Be Completed Soon)