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Motor Carts

Generator Brackets

We have the best shed on the market, built from 2″ x 2″ x 12ga. square tube main frame with 3-1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 16ga. horizontal bars. The frames break down so that they can be easily shipped, and are hot dip galvanized after the square tube has been formed. This ensures that they won’t rust for a very long time. Our sheds use heavy 26 ga. Galv-Alum tin, which will look nice for a long time.

Our standard shed measures 8′ x 8′ x 10′ (fully assembled) but we do make custom sizes to customer’s specifications. The sheds can be anchored down to an existing concrete pad (suggested minimum size 9′ x 9′). If you don’t have a pad, we suggest purchasing our precast concrete anchors. If you want to save on cost, it is possible to buy sheds unassembled, or purchase just the frame (if you choose to use your own tin). Quantity and dealer pricing is available.

GWI fabricates a fully adjustable Irrigation Motor Cart with or without generator brackets. The carts are made of 2 1/2” pipe size tubing. There are 3 types of Generator Brackets, so one is bound to fit your needs!

Other Irrigation Services:
* Aluminum & Steel Pipe Fittings – Special Hook Ups for Pivot or Gated Pipe Repairs
* Portable Welding – Aluminum, Galvanized & Steel
* Straighten Steel or Aluminum Pivot or Irrigation Pipe
* Install Fittings to Change Pivots to Low Pressure System


Bale Feeder

Cattle or Hog Panels

Our heavy-duty Bale Feeder (round), as our customers will tell you, are “built to last”! We use 2″ x 2″ x 1/8″ square tube, and make them in one piece, as this makes for a much sturdier feeder. They can be made in halves if preferred, but either way, ours are “big bull” proof!

Livestock Panels take us back a long way, as this is how we began in 1979! We fabricated “many a load” of gates for hog confinement buildings. Due to the saturation of the market for livestock panels, and the decline in the amount of livestock raised in York and surrounding counties, it is a rarely requested item, but like most things, we do take special orders.





Grain Carts

GWI will repair, patch or replace auger tubes. We can re-flight, rebuild drive shafts, and rebuild gear boxes. For your Grain Cart needs, GWI can straighten or replace augers & tubes, rebuild hitches, widen axles and patch holes. To keep the carts rolling through the fields, we can do multiple combine repairs. We have widened combine axles for many years, and replaced the sheet metal, axles and frame parts on most types of combines. Any work needed on your grain & picker head will fit right in with services we offer.


Whether you are in the field, working in your shop or need to bring it to us, GWI will take care of Tool Bar repairs & modifications of all kinds. We repair and modify shredders, mowers, gear boxes, shafts of all sizes, blades & knives.


Our new welding rig is a 4 x 4 DOD surplus service truck (camoflauge painted), so we affectionately call it the “Portable Duck Blind”. It gives us great flexibility, as it has a full extension work table with a vise mounted on it. The “Duck Blind” has the capability of 10000 watts of 220v single phase power & 40 amps of 240v 3 phase power. On board we have electric air compressor, full size oxy-fuel torch set and a full compliment of hand and air tools. Our on site services include Stick, Tig & Mig welding on a variety of metals, as well as Plasma Cutting. Most of the hoses, cables & cords are on reels, making your emergency on-site repair job quick and efficient.


These items are for your repairs on the farm, for your truck, tractor, or automotive needs. Our workbenches are all steel, and measure. The workbenches come with a set of wheels on one end, (this is optional), a handle on the opposite end for easy movement across your shop, and includes a full length lower level shelf.

There are several All-Purpose Utility Steps. Starting with a 2-Step, the shortest, but the most popular, is very handy to use no matter what job you are doing. A 5-Step is best for gaining access to equipment that seems to get taller all the time! This model is typically used in truck shops for trailer work, and for work along-side the combines. We have also a 3-Step for work in between taller & shorter work.

The Wheel Handlers are very handy asset for moving around your semi-dual wheels for brake and seal work. The tractor wheels are getting too tall and heavy to handle without the use of equipment, as well, so the Tractor Wheel Handler is the only way to get this job done. If you have a design for a piece of equipment that you think will make your work easier, bring us your ideas and we can help turn them into reality.